About Strojírenský vývoj a výroba s.r.o.

The main line of business is stainless steel equipment for the food industry. Thanks to the direct contact between the engineering and production departments, it is possible to promptly respond to customer demands. Designs of technological lines are created in SolidWorks to provide a perfect idea of the layout of individual machines in the production halls. With a 3D model, it is possible to test the designed product under real operating conditions before it is sent for production.

We offer a wide range of transportation and handling systems for packaging and raw material. As regards material washing and cleaning, this includes various types of stainless steel washers, washing tubs, and drums. We also offer material cutting tools and devices for the filling of material into packaging.

Company history

Strojírenský vývoj s.r.o. was established as a limited liability company in 1996. Since 2007, the company has been focusing exclusively on the development of new machinery. In 2007 Strojírenský vývoj a výroba s.r.o. was founded for the manufacturing of customized tools and the prototypes of machines developed by Strojírenský vývoj s.r.o.

We put new technology into practice

The machines developed by our company include a glass turner with a blower, collecting conveyors, vertical magnetic conveyor, and filling circular table. These machines have been successfully deployed in production lines for several years. For other industries, we offer for example the automatic string saw for the production of PIPO for ROCKWOOL a.s., or a table for the application of AL foils on PIPO.

As regards development, we successfully cooperate with the Research Institute of Medicine in Ostrava (Czech Republic). We have participated in the development of the CMD (Copper Mediated Destruction) patented technology for the disposal of toxic substances. Within this project, we participated in a trial operation in Jaworzno (Poland). The successful results will serve as basis for other projects.