Repumping device

The device is designed for pumping liquids and slurry products that may contain small pieces of ingredients. For example, the machine can be used to pump ketchup, mayonnaise, salads, etc. In addition, the machine is ideal for precision feeding into buckets. After the material is filled from a cart into the hopper of the pumping device, it is possible to choose from two operating types:

1) Material repumping

The device is used to fill or refill material into filler hoppers. The pump is regulated by a sensor checking the upper and the lower level in the filler hopper, for an optimum supply of raw materials for filling.

2) Batch filling of buckets

The device can also be used for filling the material into buckets for wholesale customers. The weighing machine on the discharge conveyor is connected to the pump. A bucket is placed on the weighing machine, the scale is reset and the pump is started. After the desired amount of the material to be weighed is filled, the pump automatically turns off. The bucket containing the material is placed on the discharge conveyor and another bucket is filled.

The device is made of stainless steel structure (quality according to DIN 1.4301), including the connecting material of quality A2 and plastic components. All materials used have been certified for direct contact with food.

Type / technical parameters: VPP 250E

Total length

2000 mm

Total width

1700 mm

Total height

950 mm

Container capacity

200 l

Tipper capacity

250 kg

Total weight

425 kg

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