Vegetable spin drier

The vegetable spin drier is designed for the removal of water from washed vegetables. The structure consists of a stainless steel tub in which a rotating carrier is installed. A plastic basket containing washed vegetables is placed in the carrier. After the safety cover is closed, the spin drier separates water from the vegetables. Water is collected at the bottom of the container and flows through the drain. The carrier is driven by a braking electric motor with a belt drive. The drive is controlled by a frequency changer for the smooth acceleration and braking of the carrier. The speed can be regulated using a switch on the main panel. The drying time is set using a switch. For emergency stopping, the electric motor is provided with a brake.

The device is made of stainless steel structure (quality according to DIN 1.4301), including the connecting material of quality A2 and plastic components. All materials used have been certified for direct contact with food.

Type / technical parameters: OZ50

Total depth

1140 mm

Total width

700 mm

Total height

950 mm

Volume of plastic basket

50 l

Total weight

280 kg

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