Vegetable air washer

The air washer featuring dipping is designed for washing vegetables in a bubble bath. Small air bubbles remove contaminants from the surface. The vegetables are thus carefully washed, without damaging them in any way. The material is transported using water stream and a soaking mechanism. For easy moving, the washer is equipped with sliding wheels and rails for forklift transportation. The device is compact and consists of the following components:

The washing tub has two circuits and is equipped with a perforated bottom, slightly inclined towards the discharge conveyor. The water circulation circuit consists of a pump, water distribution system and jets for the circulation of water in the washing tub. The air washing circuit consists of an air blower and an air distribution system. The distribution system leads below a grid made of perforated sheet metal. Air bubbles reach throughout the working part of the washing tub, creating a bubble bath. Impurities heavier than water sink to the bottom below air nozzles and are no longer swirled by the air.

The dipping mechanism is used for dipping the floating material under the surface of the water and transports the washed vegetables to the discharge belt.

 The discharge conveyor is used to transport the washed raw materials from the bath for subsequent processing. Spray jets are fitted above the discharge belt for the final rinsing of the product using clean water and for filling water into the washer.

 The control box has START and STOP buttons, separately for each drive, so that each function of the air washer can be separately switched off. The drives of the discharge conveyor and the dipping mechanism are fitted with a frequency changer for optimal adjustment of the material feed speed. The controlled movement also provides for a continuous flow of material with adjustable washing time for more or less contaminated material.

The device is made of stainless steel structure (quality according to DIN 1.4301), including the connecting material of quality A2 and plastic components. All materials used have been certified for direct contact with food.

Type / technical parameters: PVM 800

Total length

4200 mm

Total height

2020 mm

Tub length

3500 mm

Tub width

800 mm

Tub height

1100 mm

Discharge conveyor length


Rated capacity

 approximately 110 kg/min.

Weight without water charge

 720 kg

Weight of the water charge

 1660 kg

Weight including water filling

 2380 kg

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